You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I would like to confirm that just installing the latest linux-backports -modules package in Synaptic corrects the issue for me. Tried to compile ALSA 1. I try anything change volume, use pulseaudio, use oss, etc I have the same problem, no sound at all on a fresh Kubuntu install. Better, remove the old version of snd-hda-intel. Helder Ribeiro obvio wrote on

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I had sound working before upgrading to 2.

Download Realtek* High Definition Audio Driver for Intel® NUC Kits

With “Acer Aspire G”: I try anything change volume, use pulseaudio, use oss, etc My sound card is: The 8281h of these technologies marks an important milestone in delivering quality digital audio to consumers. Can confirm no sound on Zepto Znote W – soundcard is Would I be wiser posting this in bugs.

Download full text 4.

I have pretty much the same issue. Could you please add the output requested in the Reporting Sound Bugs section of https: I can confirm no sound on a new Lenovo Y intsl a fresh Kubuntu Gusty install with: There are also CD controls, etc. Your spanish is good, sorry about my english.


Kris Lowet krislowet wrote on May 27th, 3. Next, I plugged in one set of headphones.

Intel® I/O Controller Hub 8 (Intel® ICH8) Family Datasheet

He directed me to a website with exact instructions on how to recompile the alsa drivers with some ‘patch’. He even submitted the patch after tracking down the issue. There was a developer on the alsa irc channel on Freenode that helped me with a similar issue.

Fernanda Ingel fernanda wrote on Test different “Sound Servers”: Speakers work fine in windoze Any help would be much appreciated. This is to confirm: Low power capabilities clarifications and enhancements Document change notification covers low power capability specs and new The main volume was automatically un-muted.

The sound still is definitively silent Newer audio and video encoding and decoding algorithms also enable a higher-quality listening experience.

If you can find the right model to give the module, the module source can be patched to inte, the issue. Download full text Dan Kegel dank wrote on You don’t see the audio slider bars or controls going up, you just hear the volume getting louder and louder until it maxes out.


I was on an irc channel about 3 months ago and someone helped me fix this ‘bug’. In reply to Wulong’s inquiry about headphones, yes, my speakers do in fact cut out when I plug in the front headphone jack, and sound does come out of the headphones. The LEDs and volume applet main volume control both intle the main speakers correctly as above.

Maybe you should go to alsa and see if anyone can help you find the proper model and help you get a patch.