When I first cracked open the iO Dock , the first thing I noticed was its construction. I have a dock 2 and really like it, sorry you aren’t. In the meantime I found that I needed to leave GB on, turn off the io dock AND unplug it, switch to another modeled amp then turn io dock back on to work around the issue for now. The Alesis is twice the price of the iS, so better electronics are logical. I use the iO Dock with my iPad as a controller for music soft synths.

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I liked the inclusion of a cable restraint on the back panel, which is good news for people planning on using their iO Dock and iPad live on stage. Oh and I had to wait ten days for the stupid Ipad 2 plastic adapter.

When I turn the IO Dock off it plays though the ipad speakers. It can be used universally with any number of music-creation software applications. Everything is tucked away on the alssis and back. The direct connection for my guitar does play through on the Garageband Amps.

As a result you can xock use the smaller iPad Air and even the iPad mini although I didn’t try it with it, but both especially the mini are too small for the dock slot, and therefore won’t be held securely if you move the iO Dock II around.

It’s really annoying but you can bypass it by putting certain not just any dock extenders in between the dock and iPad. Both kinds of outputs feature dedicated volume knobs. aleis



The Alesis is twice the price of the iS, so better electronics are logical. Now I’m wondering where they got to.

See any errors on this page? Going forward, all iO Docks will ship with an iPad 2 adapter included in the box, and if you happen to pick up a unit from the dcok batch, Alesis has gone through the trouble of setting up a special page on their website where you can submit your information to receive a free iPad 2 adapter in the mail.

Check out their tips video here: Be the first to review this item. Guys like you make me like this forum over others.

Alesis iO Dock Pro Audio Dock for iPad IO DOCK B&H Photo Video

I’m sorry don’t act like your product integrates seamlessly with the Ipad 2, it doesn’t. The headphone output easily supplied my Sony MDR headphones with plenty of juice, and I was able to get good levels using its phantom power and preamps with my Audio Technica B microphone. One aleais the update did, I dont hear anything audio coming out of the ipad anymore.

Be the first to review this item. Since having these ridiculous issues I mean its made just for ipads and it doesnt work plug and play. I had the same problem once upon a time. I use the iO Dock with my iPad as a controller for music soft synths.

Alesis iO Dock review | MusicRadar

Our Verdict All the connections you need to turn your iPad into a functional studio. I was pleased apesis see that with the power on it was charging my iPad. One nice thing about the iO Dock is that it acts as the perfect little desktop stand for an iPad. I didnt check his specs.


What’s not to like? Plugging into Garage Docm on the iPad and using this as a front end to an audio system is a given, but using the iO Dock as a front end to applications on the PC or Mac is where it really shines. Now there talking about firmware updates and thats not easy and they say that wont even fix the issue.

I did hear good things about the special connector trick, but I agree with you, it’d be like getting a tiny gram pocket phone and then fixing a flaw on it with a giant 5-kilo cross-body phone case.

So Im getting closer. IT doesn’t do anything its a paper weight cant get my ipad to recognize it at all and Alesis sucks ass at helping. When the Alesis iodock first came out I was really tempted, but I saw so many reviews saying how aelsis it was, so I didn’t get it, and now I’m relieved.

Alesis iO Dock II Recording iPad Dock Review

I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Like Tweet Pin it Submit Dick. It would be nice if the overall size were a bit flatter for travel and the tray held the iPad more snugly, but it is what it is and does its job well.