Features Overview Watermarks Prints fixed text, such as “Confidential”, over the print data. Page 91 Output Format Print On Main features of CentreWare Internet Services are listed below. This button is displayed only when there are any settings that can be cancelled for the job. You can also configure the compression ratio with [Image Compression] in the [Output Format] screen. Normal The border erase amount is set to 2 mm for the top and bottom, and left and right.

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When [Auto Paper] is selected, based on the original document size and set ratios, the machine automatically selects the tray loaded apeospogt the appropriate paper. Document Details Previews the selected document to allow you to check its details. Original Type Selecting the Document Type Page Output Format Auto According to the set feature used, the machine automatically selects [Collated] or [Uncollated].

You can move to another level by pressing [Previous] or [Next]. Enter text from picture: Step 1 Loading Documents Recipient Name To change the recipient name, select apeosporg Settings] to display the keyboard and enter the new name. Auto Copies are made with the length and width ratios set automatically to match the paper size.


Select the original type. If you do not want to erase edges, set each [Edge Erase] value to 0 mm.

ApeosPort-III Fuji Xerox

Page 96 3 Copy Select [Watermark]. On the [Send from Mailbox] screen, select a mailbox. General Settings 2 Sided Makes a copy of a 1-sided document on both sides of a paper. Up to characters are allowed. Page 80 – Original Orientation Specifying the Ori Photographs Scanning a Color Photograph 7000 19 2 Check the indication “O”.

Before Using The Machine 1 Before Using the Machine This chapter describes how to use this guide, as well as safety notes and legal notice you need to read before using the machine. Output Format Normal Image is saved with standard compression.

This feature allows you to set a passcode, which is helpful to print confidential documents. This allows you to send several documents as one set of data. Interface Cables Interface Cables When connecting the machine directly to a computer, use either the parallel interface or USB interface.


Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-III 7000

For details, refer to the documentation provided with the application. Results in a standard image quality and file size.

Enter the starting number of the control number. Got it, continue to print.

Page 4 Scan Next Recipient Allows to specify the e-mail address for sending e-mail to multiple recipients Broadcast. Up to documents can be bound in selected order. Specify [Shift Value] to shift the position of the image that is printed on the edge of the original document, so that the image would be copied on the tab. Adds the sender’s address to CC.

The blank separators are inserted. Printing Documents in a Mailbox Print Prints the selected document.

Page Scanning Procedure Remove any paper clips and staples before loading the document. You can enter a password up to 32 characters.