The single club photo is the 6 iron to show a reference to the length of the iron set. Honma, a mainstay in the Japanese Domestic Market for almost 60 years, is making a major push to become a household name in the U. All single pieces drivers, fairway woods, hyrids, single irons, wedges, putters. Ball flight was much lower than I would have expected not super low, just not much different than my 7 iron — Inconsistent misses. For shots higher on the face, I was very surprised and happy to see a minimal loss of distance.

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I was surprised that the M2 was the winner in this brief session. I feel more confident in trying to work the ball with the M1. One important factor I neglected to mention is the ability to combine the cavity back with the rest of the Bridgestone line. Equipment 2 weeks ago.

This was my own fault for not dialing in the distances, especially with the stronger lofts in the 7-iron and shorter bridgestonne. This is an area where the J36 Cavity shines. Not a fan — Looks very good at address with the brushed finish — Most shots I hit with it seemed to fall out of the sky very likely a lack of spin.


Bridgestone J36 Cavity Review

The 9-iron had the biggest gap, but the TWVs is also 2 degrees gridgestone. Compared to my Cleveland irons, they are 1 to 1.

Also shop brirgestone Also shop in. No more clacky hollow feel, just a very mild pleasant sensation… then zoom.

That is about to change.

The Best Players Irons of Ball flight was much lower than I would have expected not super low, just not much different than my 7 iron — Inconsistent misses. Finally got out to the range after getting these bad boys in on Friday. The tapered sole combined with the slightly blunt leading edge prevents digging in soft conditions. Pavini Sep 28, at 8: The lines are clean and sharp in some areas and smooth and rounded in others. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Felt nice and substantial without being heavy. Light, springy and very lively. Hitting a 3 or 4-iron around the middle provided plenty of feedback, but the more pure the strike, the less feeling there was.

I have these J36 irons in all pockey cavity style. These are in great condition and I would rate them an 8 of Iron Set Irons Gender: To further enhance this trajectory control, progressive offset is also used.


In the J36, the sole of the short irons is the same width throughout, while in bridgestonne long irons it is narrower in the heel. I rotated clubs every 5 shots and went through multiple rounds with each club.

Bridgestone J36 Irons | eBay

I mentioned to a few other golfer that I was reviewing this set and their reaction was the same. The single club phot We have edited each of the posts for brevity, clarity and grammar. Topline views of the 9, 7, and 3 irons. According to the company, the process creates more density in the club face, especially high on the face. Of course, custom shaft and grip options are available. My first impression of them is that they look really sharp. So better players who can consistently hit the center of the club face should have no trouble handling these irons.

Bridgestone j36 combo iron head only 4 – PW.