The professional interfaces’ part contains 20 channels of up to 24bit with hardware mixing in bit capacity. The fifth connector is a stereo minijack Line Out. The signal was read from two cards simultaneously installed into the computer. Quite attractive sampling characteristics in the 16bit Hz mode lacking for numerous harmonics make this card an excellent purchase for operation in this mode. Multiple PCM Out is something mysterious: The codec’s documentation is obscure. By the way, as one can read in the readme file for the W2K driver, Hoontech programmers are currently working on this problem and they promise to solve it in the near future.

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Also the un-installer unDSP Moreover, when we applied a sinusoid with a frequency over 24 kHz quite noticeable harmonics appeared in the audible spectrum; they reached half of the level of the original amplitude.

This is how I recommend to use this model from Hoontech. The signal was read from valuue cards simultaneously installed into the computer.

strobo’s review – Hoontech DSP24 Value – Audiofanzine

valuee Who had troubles with the DSP24 driver dropping out of W2k? Some time ago Sony gave us a present with Developers solve this problem differently; sometimes they enable a special operating mode partially compatible with DirectSound.

Quite attractive sampling characteristics in the 16bit Hz mode lacking for numerous harmonics make this card an excellent purchase for operation in this mode.


And it makes no sense to replace it with such a dear exotic product whose future galue on the mood of this giant. The DSP24 Value has a more distinct stereo picture.

The identity of the results is accounted for by the fact that both cards use the same chips of digital transmitter and receiver. Similar Threads Live Mixing Problems According to the program the card must work in DirectSound applications with the number of 2D streams not more than The DSP24 Value sounds sharper, thus, making us think that the sound becomes brighter. It has high characteristics of studio equipment level.

Hoontech SoundTrack Audio DSP24 Value Sound Card

Mirroring of the vaoue spectrum at 24 kHz indicates at resampling into 48 kHz at a certain stage of signal sampling. All necessary parameters can be adjusted in the Hardware Settings: The files were played by two copies of the Cool Edit Pro 1.

You can notice that the graph drops out because of superposition of harmonics and mistiming of the testing and resulting signals in course of operation of the measuring program. Try uninstalling everything and start over with a fresh download.

In this mode the card can work in a relatively weak computer. Comparison with characteristics of Creative Audigy and Egosys Waveterminal Let’s compare the Hoontech card with other popular cards to determine its positioning. Multi-client and GigaStudio support is provided, and it has no bugs. Therefore, the card hardly suits for professional operation in W2K, but will be a good choice for listening to music.


DSP24 Value

They serve for the professional-quality AK Video 3Digests Video cards: A while back, I had to install the card on a new machine.

I downloaded an updated driver but needed to uninstall all previous drivers or my PC got confused.

Waveterminal At first sight, the cards sounded equally. In the first case a part of each separate instrument is less discernible, and there is some kind of “sand” in the sound which I earlier related to imperfection of a sound-reproducing track.

The matter is that requirements for a DirectSound-compatible device are opposite to those for a professional ASIO device.

I’ll take a look at the links and hopefully fingers crossed there is something in there to help me out. Just a short time ago Hoontech wasn’t very popular with PC users.

In the 16bit Hz mode the card showed excellent results. Hoontech is not at the top in the sphere of professional audio equipment, and its cards are interesting for PC users because of three aspects: The level of THD and intermodulation distortions is the lowest. The fifth connector is a stereo minijack Line Out.