Anyone have first hand experience with this card? They don’t require any memory, just need to be run once to setup the card. Maybe with more memory it would perform worse. Does anybody have an idea what I’m doing wrong here? The time now is SYS in an attempt to install the unnecessary device driver. I’m not sure if that same issue would affect your motherboard but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to mention that.

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Now I’m a little confused on the ram.

ISA go Bragh™

This driver is only for the Logitech SoundMan Wave card. Often it will get wedged and cause driver failures after a warm reboot. It is an interesting card, but the midi music sounds quite a bit different from a Roland-Soundcanvas. If you’re not using it at all then look for an option to disable it.

This topic is complicated and took a long time to sort out, so be careful with the following. No luck so jjazz16. REM This is necessary. Last edited by Alphakilo on A kernel bug that broke PnP assignment of DMA channels whenever a card’s first choice was unavailable persisted for 5 years.


MediaVision Jazz 16 soundcard under DOS

Anyone have first hand experience with this card? I tried to upload to Vogonsdrivers but there was some error while uploading. In another touch of irony, the Windows drivers didn’t even work. The channels are not backwards when tested with speaker-test -b -c 2.

Phillips drivers – Phillips Sound Card Drivers

No software, no manual, etc. This quirky non-PnP card allows the base address to be selected by jumper, but other settings can be changed only using Aztech’s proprietary configurator. The card’s on-board radio tuner utilizes PLL digital synthesizer tuning and a dipole antenna for excellent reception and highly accurate station setting.

In memory bank 3 the simm slot closest to the top outside edge is listed as being able to accept single sided SIMMs only; modules with chips on both sides all 32mb chips w59 have to be w955 to the first three slots.

Creative Soundblaster Audigy 4 SB0610 PCI soundcard

I’ve got some new, used, and factory over-labeled disks for sale. My particular kazz16 is without any extra modules. That’s how the light gets in.

My hope is that the Soundman wave has a better ratio and a clearer output signal. Cleaning those cruddy contacts didn’t help. The status report that HWSET outputs afterward incorrectly shows all volumes at maximum 16but setting the volume lower clearly works.


The mapping of mixer controls is inconsistent. Aside from that fatal flaw in one variant, as clones go their performance is respectable:. Users browsing this forum: Whats missing in your collections?

Maybe a hardware failure.

In aplaymidi, the output is sometimes similar to that from DOOM; other times it is blatantly broken and completely messed up. The 64MB versions all 72 pin of course have 6 chips on one side and 2 chips on the other side It always pushes an unknown executable instead of the zip file that I asked for.

Less shockingly, the music is all messed up timing is broken. Good amplifier – great sound even in passive headphones!

I thought so, too. ZIP package don’t work any better than the later versions did. Jumpers to obtain line-level jazzz16 may be present, present but unlabelled, or absent.