A brief outline of the main features of this software PDF format. Customer bug reports are invaluable in discovering and patching issues that could potentially affect thousands of Lynx users. FinishLynx is Fully Compatible with Windows 10 Since the release of Windows 10 in July , our tech support team has received many questions about its compatibility with FinishLynx. Non-invasive monitoring of DNAPL migration through a saturated porous medium using electrical impedance tomography. Trusted at thousands of finish lines worldwide.

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This is a free non-commercial program released for academic use.

No products in your shopping cart. This includes changing the Windows power management settingschecking the firewall exceptionsand updating drivers for 3rd party hardware like USB-to-Serial Adapters.

Near Surface Geophysics, 1, Simple and free 1D resistivity and IP program, ver. Read more on Windows 8 driver compatibility.

KEYLOK Install for Windows 8

Krylok comparison of Gauss-Newton and quasi-Newton methods in resistivity imaging inversion. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 57, Geophysical Prospecting, 62, A kejlok of smooth and blocky inversion methods in 2D electrical imaging surveys.


They simply plug-in the KEYLOK dongle to the dongle server and the application runs securely and licensing is enforced.

This version requires the Keylok dongle. Please note it does not support the old Rainbow parallel port dongles which are more than 15 years old!

Set of files for CD 28th. Near Surface Geophysics, 12, River terrace sand and gravel deposit reserve estimation using three-dimensional electrical resistivity tomography for bedrock surface detection.

KEYLOK Install for Windows 8 | GSDS GeoData – GeoData Manager, Steamfield Manager, WellSim

Resistivity and IP arrays, optimised for data collection and inversion. Practical aspects of applied optimized survey design for electrical resistivity tomography.

United States KEYLOK has a 33 year history of providing hardware-based security and licensing to thousands of companies across hundreds of industries worldwide.

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 68, New inversion routines for time-lapse data. Dongle Server provides a simple security solution for virtual environments.

Windowa keeps the licenses in a safe location and always under administrative control, even for workers in the field. Journal of Applied Geophysics, To use this update, copy it so that it overwrites the old version in the appropriate folder in your hard-disk.


Rapid inversion of data from 2-D resistivity surveys with electrodes displacements. Old versions of Res2dinvx64, Res3dinvx32 and Res3dinvx Tutorial Notes – 9th March Update.

Geotomo Software – Download

Software to edit resistivity and IP data, includes a commercial 1D inversion software. A simple fix to the power management settings of the Ethernet port can solve this issue: Free demo version that allows the user to save the inversion results for 2D data sets including topography with up to 84 electrodes.

Please see the post below on how to disable power saving mode in Windows Inversion of data from electrical resistivity imaging surveys in water-covered areas.

I have read the privacy protection statement and accept it. Computation of optimized arrays for 3-D electrical imaging surveys. Please note they no longer support the old Rainbow parallel port dongles which are more than 15 years old!