A lot of users have discovered problems taking advantage of multiplier ratio settings on some KTA motherboards when trying to overclock to a MHz FSB. So maybe only people who had similar problems should test out a new bios and the patch. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. That would let me see if the IDE performance is indeed increased. Log in Don’t have an account? Have an ide raid controller card in my system but i dont know how to use it correctly i think, have an hardrive ata on one channel, is it just to plug it in to the other channel and go?

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List of VIA chipsets

Originally posted by dmmh good for you, doesnt mean the bug was non-existend tho It Cipset existant since I had the exact repro steps! I downloaded it and discovered that my memory was not being interleaved. Taken together, these things could add up to one seriously fast Athlon platform for the overclockers among us. VIA released a seperate A patch and later included it in its 4 in 1 drivers.

I have a via chipset and when I followed the link in the first post I discovered a file by the name of: DDR memory support is coming from Via in the form of the KT chipset, which we’ll be reviewing soon.

Originally posted by derk the unfortunate experience of getting a kt133 based on the VIA KTa chipset.


VIA KT133A Motherboard Roundup – June 2001

Before we go much further, though, I should stop and point out that the Asus AV motherboard we used for this review was provided by TR’s excellent hardware sponsors, Dr. Kt133z a big deal, because previous Athlon chipsets just weren’t friendly to bus overclocking.

A lot of users have discovered problems taking advantage of multiplier ratio settings on some KTA motherboards when trying to overclock to a MHz FSB. We like to mix it up to keep a little confusion going.

TR reviews the Via KTA chipset – The Tech Report – Page 1

Dell returns to the stock market after six years. VIA’s KTA, with its “old” SDR SDRAM technology, has been able to remain competitive in most cases since the vast majority of today’s programs are not able to take advantage of all the memory bandwidth offered by the newer technologies. No Interruptions Day Shortbread.

Any Promise card will do. If you are thinking about upgrading a current system, dropping in a KTA based motherboard is one of the most cost effective ways to do it, since you will be able to reuse existing PC memory.

Anyways this chipset is dead Besides the VIA chipsets have other more serious limitations particularly concerning PCI bandwidth issues. One of the biggest issues is with data corruption when combining a hard drive hooked up to the B South Bridge with a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! This last one is more of an issue with certain manufacturer’s implementations of multiplier controls, and not really a chipset problem.


If you bothered looking around you would have known that VIA solved the A corruption based bug ages ago. I have a Liteon s DVD burner connected to my main rig which is an nforce2 motherboard. Furthermore, several problems have recently been discovered with many of VIA’s chipset, with the KTA being one of the most affected. As CPU’s become more and more powerful, memory bandwidth is getting to be more and more of a bottleneck.

A seperate ATA card seems to be the way to go. But there is a little more to the KTA than that. Chipsets Previous page Next page. But there are a few things the KTA can’t do, and we’d best recount those. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Mine is the Tyan sb and they had a bios update as recent as July The Final Version of KT?

Heck, my own computer has been running on a KTA motherboard for a while now, come to think of kt133a. This might as well be moved to G HW Forum. Log in Don’t have an account? It has been five months since VIA released the KTA chipset and most motherboard manufacturers have released their corresponding solutions as well. It WAS existant since I had the exact repro steps!