Detailed specifications of the U laptop are as follows: I like how the keyboard is completely integrated and not simply a key tray sitting in a cutout. I have loaded BIOS defaults, that also did not helped. This feels like the same, slightly cramped panel we tested on the Us, which is a shame given that Lenovo had a larger By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Colors appear dull and washed out.

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The only recent incher we can recall with worse battery life is the HP Envy 14 with Sandy Bridge, and that’s about to disappear as HP ushers in new larger-screened models. Of course, it’s touchpzd to you to activate the service yourself, even though the hardware component is already baked in.

As it turns out, you can press F6 to disable the touchpad, though we would have preferred that this happen automatically. As with the Us, the keyboard doesn’t come close to the edge of the deck — a waste, since every major key remains shrunken.

Lenovo IdeaPad U400 Screen, Speakers, Keyboard and Touchpad

Now it’s true, the idea that Ultrabooks have to weigh less than three pounds is arbitrary — after all, we made an exception for the 3. Once again, Lenovo went with flat caps instead of the scooped shape that makes ThinkPad keyboards so comfortable to use. Given that even inexpensive netbooks have it, we just don’t see a good reason to leave it out. However, being heavy is not much of an issue since we can easily carry it.


If you pull the trigger while you still can, the Envy 14 offers one of the most stunning designs we’ve seen 4u00 a laptop, along with discrete graphics and damn good performance. Right-click problem on Lenovo touchpads – How to fix.

That’s not to say it’s not a pleasure to hold, though. What you have is this. The speakers are hidden inside the chassis; the lenovp is touchpax and tinny with no bass.

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Like the Us, the U packs Intel Wireless Display, a technology that for touxhpad reason isn’t that easy to find on other laptops, even though it’s been available for almost two years now. As ever, the metal lid picks up scratches easily, though it at least does a good job masking fingerprints.

The U has a headphone jack; beware that it also functions as the microphone jack, so if you have a headset with two plugs you can only use one of them. Retrieved from ” https: Besides, using a touchpad is not very efficient or ergonomic. And what a rude surprise this is, too: I’m not here to outsmart Apple folks. Views Read Edit View history.

Wilson 10 November Sometimes, the cursor went rogue even when we were just using the keyboard. But for anyone who takes a lot of photos, it’s an annoying omission — why travel with an external memory card reader when you could just as easily find a laptop with that feature built in? The U also runs into many of the same pitfalls as other laptops with giant, clickable trackpads.


The competition We get it: Like its brethren, the laptop also runs cool, thanks largely to Lenovo’s “breathable” keyboard, which is designed to draw air in through the sides and push it out the bottom. The llenovo display screen was received positively, with the reviewer saying that, “we could make out the lint on Kermit the Frog in a p Muppets trailer, and the entire cast was an explosion of colors.

To make the most out of that M, you’ll need to open AMD’s Catalyst Control Center and manually specify which apps trigger which graphics card. Though it touchpar the same, the U trades various components, starting with the storage disk and continuing on to the touchpad drivers.

Genuine IBM Lenovo IdeaPad U Touchpad Ribbon Cable pj | eBay

For our part, we were able to follow along with Breaking Bad with the screen dipped forward slightly but only slightly.

Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously. That smooth material covers the lid, extending onto the palm rest, keyboard deck, bottom side and even the bezels.

In addition to Core i3 and i5, it’s available with a 2. I have loaded BIOS defaults, that also did not helped.